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Congratulations to Tishchenko Anatoly Konstantinovich on his anniversary

On April 21, 2020, Anatoly Konstantinovich Tishchenko celebrates the glorious anniversary (21.04.1940) - deputy chief designer of Orbita CJSC, head of the research department of power supply systems, developer and creator of a large number of equipment for the space industry of the country and the world.

Anatoly Konstantinovich came to work in December 1965 at the Research Institute of Electromechanics as a senior engineer in the research department. Since 1966, Anatoly Konstantinovich transferred to work in the department for testing developed products, in 1987 he became the head of the scientific and research department of power supply systems.

Under the direct supervision of A. Tishchenko, a large number of devices for on-board power systems for spacecraft and orbital stations were developed. Anatoly Konstantinovich is one of the creators of the concept of building and constructive appearance of the power system of the MIR orbital station. Tishchenko A.K. personally participated in the manufacture and testing of a set of devices for the power supply system of the MIR orbital station, the development of serial production of devices for the kit, and in the support of the flight of MIR operating systems throughout the entire life cycle.

For high professionalism, a great personal contribution to the development of the space industry A. Tishchenko in January 5, 1981 was awarded the USSR State Prize for work in the field of special apparatus engineering.
Currently headed by A. Tishchenko team is developing control and monitoring equipment for power systems for spacecraft near and far space, as well as for the International Space Station.

During the work at the enterprise when conducting research and development work under the guidance and direct participation of A. Tishchenko, the following devices were created: regulation and monitoring equipment (RME); voltage converter for the Starliner spacecraft, a set of EPS modules of the ISS Zarya, Zvezda, Nauka modules, as well as the newly developed NEM module.
Anatoly Konstantinovich is a rationalizer, has 77 inventions and utility models, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the Voronezh Technical University. He constantly passes on his experience to young people, today many of them continue to work in our team as independent qualified specialists.

Tishchenko Anatoly Konstantinovich has the state award of the Order of Honor, awards of the Presidium of the Supreme Council "For Valiant Labor", "Drummer of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan", was awarded the Veteran of Labor medal and the Certificate of Merit of the Administration of the Voronezh Region in 2001 for his great contribution to the organization of production of space technology and others.

Orbita team congratulates Anatoly Konstantinovich on the anniversary and wish to achieve new heights, continuous development and enduring active life position!


21 апреля 2020 г.

Congratulations to Tishchenko Anatoly Konstantinovich on his anniversary

Tishchenko Anatoly turned 80 years old on April 21, 2020

25 сентября 2019 г.

Participation in the conference "Electronic component base of space systems"

On September 21-27, 2019, the XVIII International Scientific and Technical Conference was held

22 января 2018 г.

Orbita, CJSC is a "National Champion"

Our company is among the participants in the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

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