History of achievements

ORBITA, CJSC traces its history to 1945 when Electrical repair plant was builded in Voronezh. Further in 1951 it was transformed to Voronezh Electromechanical Plant (VEMP). Starting from 1958 at the Voronezh Electromechanical Plant was created specifically Experimental Design Bureau which aim was to develop autonomous turbogenerator power supplies and control equipment for use on mobile objects and space technology. With the formation of the State Scientific Research Institute of Electrical Engineering begins active involvement of researchers and young professionals, country Proving Ground is being build, material and technical base is being extended, first prototypes and series production are being produced.

Since 1961 our company has been actively involved in the programs of development of Solar system, and is a leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for power systems for primary space exploration historical projects: "Moon", "Mars", "Venus", "SOYUZ" "Progress", "Energia-Buran", "MIR" and the International Space Station.

Between 1989 and 1995, the company is actively developing autonomous ground power systems based on the use of alternative energy sources. Till the stage of conceptual and technical projects following projects have been brought: wind turbine, turbogenerator power system for cathodic protection of trunk pipelines, autonomous turbogenerators devices operating on the basis of the use of natural gas and refined petroleum products.

At the source of exploration of the Moon, Venus, Mars.

"Moon" 1961-1976 y.y. "Mars" 1961-1973 y.y. "Venus" 1961-1983 y.y.

Our converters were installed on the first interplanetary spacecraft, which committed for the first time in human history missions to the Moon, Mars, Venus and slightly opened to humanity the secrets and mysteries of the solar system.

In the history of the spacecrafts "SOYUZ" and "Progress".

"SOYZ" "Progress"

«SOYUZ» (1966-1981)
«SOYUZ T» (1979-1986)
«SOYUZ ТМ» (1986-2002)
«SOYUZ ТМА» (2002-2012)

«Progress» (1978-1989)
«Progress М» (1989-2009)
«Progress М1» (2000-2004)

Since 1966, our company provides a series of manned spacecraft "Soyuz" and cargo aircraft series "Progress" by static semiconductor converters and proximity commutators.

Complete sets of equipment for the first orbital stations «Salyut» and «MIR».

"Salyut" "MIR"

From 1971 to 1986, our products are successfully working as part of power supply equipment for the world's first multi-purpose space stations Series "Salute", which carried out complex scientific, technical and medical-biological experiments related to the prolonged stay of man, on-board systems and components in space.
In 1986, the space station "Mir" became the world's first multi-module complex  with docking it's sections in outer space, as well as the first international base for space research. In this project, employees of our company developed and manufactured 92 devices for management and control system of power supply station.