СJSC «Orbita» is one of the leading enterprises of the electrical industry in Russia. For over 70 years we produce reliable, quality products for the space industry of the country and the world.

CJSC «Orbita» specializes in the design, development and production of control and monitoring equipment for power supply systems of spacecraft and in the production of independent turbogenerator power sources. Our company provides a full cycle of research and development works. To carry out these functions CJSC «Orbita» has scientific departments, machining shop, assembly shop, testing facilities and separate enclosed production. The company has all necessary licenses and certificates for the development and production space equipment.

CJSC «Orbita» yesterday:

  • more than 70 years of production;
  • CJSC «Orbita» is the successor of the scientific and technical capabilities the Federal Research and Production Center CJSC Scientific and Production Complex «ENERGY».

CJSC «Orbita» now:

  • 596 highly skilled employees;
  • 3 production sites in the Voronezh region with a total area of 40 thousand. m²;
  • Research and Production Complex, which includes stocking, machining, electroplating, machine-assembling, foundry and electrical-assembling production.

Dear Friends!

CJSC «Orbita» — is a highly technological enterprise, which provides reliable electrical products to space industry more than sixty years. The confirmation of our capabilities is a long-term partnership with internationally renowned organizations such as the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia after S.P. Korolev, FSUE Scientific Production Association after S.A. Lavochkin,  The Khrunichev State Research and Production Center, NASA and The Boeing Company.

In 2011, the company embarked on an investment project on modernization and technical re-equipment of manufacturing. The program is funded by the Central Chernozem Bank of Sberbank of Russia and received state support of the Government of the Voronezh region. As a result, we launched a new industrial site, purchased and installed a modern high-tech equipment. In addition, was prepared and launched the strategy of scientific and technological development until 2020. The company plans to expand its research and manufacturing competence as well as to develop a line of products.

I want to assure all our customers, present and future, that the company CJSC «Orbita» will continue to honorably fulfill all its obligations.

Best regards!

Boris Nesterov — The sole shareholder of the CJSC «Orbita»


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