Regulation and control equipment of the engine bay (RCE EB) (АРК ДО)


RCE EB in conjunction with the primary sources of energy with solar panels and secondary sources of energy with storage batteries provides onboard electricity to consumers in all flight modes.

RCE EB is designed as a one-piece design, which includes the following functional modules:

-        solar cell current regulators РТ-30С – 4 pcs.;

-        charge-discharge battery device ЗРУ-30С – 4 pcs.;

-        central control unit  CCU - 1 pc.;

-        voltage regulator СН-20-37/32,5 – 1 pc.;

-        power filter – 1 pc.

Main characteristics RCE EB:

Rated output power, W, not less 3500
The voltage on the output lines at a constant load, V 32,5±0,5
The duration of the transition process, ms, no more than 30
Wavelets and failures of the output voltage
When a sudden change of the load current, V, not more than 1,5
Output ripple voltage, V, not more than 0,2
The efficiency of the charge-discharge unit,%, not less than 92
The efficiency of the current controller,%, not less than 96
The energy density (one unit), W / dm3 430