Our mission

ORBITA, CJSC Quality Assurance Policy 2017

ORBITA, CJSC sees its strategy as the development of production through:

- making products that meet international engineering and quality standards;
- the expansion of markets in Russia by expanding the range of competitive products and developing and manufacturing new products;
- continuing contractual performance.

ORBITA, CJSC strategic targets:

- making sustainable high-quality and reliable products, ensuring strong delivery performance and steady communication with customers and suppliers of materials and semi-finished products;
- being a reliable supplier;
- ensuring a steady rise in the share of state-guaranteed orders;
- ensuring that the quality management system comply with international and national standards.

Company's Quality Management System is geared for continuous implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy and quality assurance objectives.
The main tool for Quality Assurance Policy implementation is the continuous improvement of the quality management system, improvement of process efficiency, compliance with GOST RV 0015-002-2012, GOST ISO 9001-2011 and successful implementation of quality programs at the design, development and production stages.
Company's management sees its main task in creating an environment for a conscious participation of employees in the management of quality and talent development.

Company's General Director is fully responsible for the quality of products being developed and manufactured and ensures that a full range of resources are used in the implementation of Quality Assurance Policy and to incent personnel involved in quality management. Line management is authorized to direct and control activities related to the implementation of Quality Assurance Policy within their units.
Every Company's employee is personally responsible for his/her performance in accordance with the employment contract and job description.
Company's management pursues strict compliance with Quality Assurance Policy and encourages employees to contribute respectively to its objectives.
General Director of ORBITA CJSC.

ORBITA, CJSC Quality Assurance Objectives 2017

Company's strategic objective with regard to quality assurance is determined in the Quality Policy and is as follows:

- continuous customer satisfaction through the delivery of reliable and high-quality products and commitment of every member of the Company.

Company's key objectives with regard to quality assurance are:

- unquestioning obedience to the customers’ requirements with regard to the quality of products being manufactured
- maintaining a reputation of a reliable and promising partner in the domestic and international markets;
- acceleration of technical and process upgrade of basic production assets, including laboratories and testing facilities;
- continuous development of staff, maintaining and ensuring the continuity of expertise and intellectual potential;
- enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
- improving the corporate information system based on modern information technologies;
- motivating employees to save costs and improve the efficiency of production.

We assure that every commitment we make, we can deliver accurately and on time.