1945 Establishing Electrical Repair Plant №17 in Voronezh
1951 Converting to Voronezh Electromechanical Plant (VEMP)
1958 Formation of Experimental Design Bureau (EDB) and autonomous laboratory of turbogenerator power sources at the Voronezh Electromechanical Plant (VEMP)
1959 Organization Experimental Design Bureau and the formation of the State Research Institute of Electrical Engineering
1969 Transformation into the Research, Design and Technology Institute of Electromechanics
1986 Creating a research and production association "Energia", combined in its structure Voronezh Electromechanical Plant, Research Institute of Electromechanics, Experimental Plant and Rossoshanskiy Electrical Equipment Plant
2003 Formation of LLC "Orbita" based on enterprises of research and production association "Energia"
2009 Consolidation of the entire production, scientific and technological capacity and more than 70 years of experience in CJSC "Orbita"
2011-2012 Updating of material and technical base, moving to a modernized production facility, new projects and prospects
2013 Entering the international market, working with The Boeing Company